Grispos Villas Armonia

Tsigouri beach, Syros island Cyclades
Sophia & George Grispos
Phone 2285071930
Mob. 6945 700069

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* ROAD ROUTES: From the harbor to the town paved road leads to 1500 meters. From cozy country road leads to Messaria and continues until the Fine Sand. From the town again starting laminar other two tracks, one directed to Salty, Alygaria, Liolios, vases and the other in Livadi.

* HIKING: The island is small with smooth ground without big hills and hiking appropriate. You can aniforisete Mersini from the town and from there head to Messaria. From Messaria continues road to Psili Sand and start the trails and beaches Fikio Gerolimiona.

* EXEREFNISEIS SEA: The port of ropes are the safest haven for every kind of craft. Besides Mersini you can anchor in the bay of Sand Psili that protects you from the wind. The narrow channel between the Ag. Claus and pass the parsimony and inflatable boats. But best not to endanger and make it around the parsimony.

* Fishing: The whole island is an excellent fishing grounds for the professional and amateur fisherman.

* Surfing: The Salty east wind often creates lightweight wavelet ideal for surfing.
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