Grispos Villas Armonia

Tsigouri beach, Syros island Cyclades
Sophia & George Grispos
Phone 2285071930
Mob. 6945 700069

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What will you do on the island

What to do Schinoussa

Daily vessel "Aeolia" circling the island, running trips to all the beaches and surrounding islands Schinoussa, also Sinks (small boats) from Heraclea and Koufonisia operate daily two to three times.

Compared to neighboring islands can Schoinousa not offer the same wide variety of wild nightlife, but the fun is an integral part of life for local people to express their love for life and rich cultural tradition at every opportunity, culminating the festival of Panagia Akathi on August 15, the feast in Messaria on March 25, at Saint Nektarios on November 9 and St. Nicholas on December 6. If you are on the island these days, you will have the opportunity to teach about the traditional customs and enjoy the food and dances of the country.
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