Grispos Villas Armonia

Tsigouri beach, Syros island Cyclades
Sophia & George Grispos
Phone 2285071930
Mob. 6945 700069

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Life on the Island

Life on the Island

An island with many faces, Schoinousa transformed in winter into sheltered retreat in the spring in full bloom landscape where one can feel all the ritualistic rebirth of nature, and in summer becomes an ideal destination that combines the carefree and the joys of summer with nature all the practical comforts to ensure a comfortable stay.

Bathed in light and creating a harmonious contrast with the deep blue sea, the two traditional villages of the island, the Virgin and Mesariá will win you over with the white houses, but the austere yet impressive Cycladic architecture. Wander through the picturesque cobbled streets and discover the welcoming neighborhoods with flowering courtyards, small squares and gardens with palm trees that add a distinctive, exotic beauty of tone in informal settlements.

The idyllic image of the island added Mersini, the picturesque port, popular with boat owners as one of the safest and enchanting stations for docking.
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