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Tsigouri beach, Syros island Cyclades
Sophia & George Grispos
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Knowing the island

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The roads of the island consists of dirt roads in good condition which is usually the local authority improves the light of the summer. Several also are the paths. The only way to tarmac the road is Port-Town about 1.8 ch.m. The island has no traffic because of shipping. But those who wish can rent bikes or mountain bikes. Be assured however that every resident of the island by car will encounter will take you with pleasure.

H Schinoussa, takes its name from the characteristic plant of the island, lentisk or according to another version of the Venetian Schinoza who lived on the island the Frankish period. Archaeological remains found throughout the island, most significantly those in the areas of St. John of the Cross and the Prophet Elijah and valuable relics churches demonstrate the existence of continuous human presence on the island from the depths of antiquity through the Byzantine period. Although Schoinousa refers to only a few written sources, we know however, that participated in the creation of the first Cycladic culture and also developed a rich commercial activity the period of Byzantine rule. In the Ottoman period, the island entered a period of desertification and fell under the jurisdiction of the Abbey Chozoviotissa Amorgos. After liberation, people of Amorgos settled in Schinoussa giving back life to the island.

Throughout its history and its geographic location, or rope, which is known as the "Island of Pirates' suffered frequent attacks by pirates, who used the safe and secluded bays as hideouts or as the basis of their predatory raids, forcing residents to leave at times their island.
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